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These wonderful greeting cards were chosen from our annual BARPCV photo contest. The entire collection of submitted photos will be on display at various locations around the Boston-Cambridge area - look for announcements on show.  These blank greeting cards are a perfect holiday gift for a friend, parent or co-worker.  All you need to do is order on-line now.  You can pay by PayPal or by check.  Greeting cards will be sent within two weeks of ordering.
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    Shipping chart for greeting cards:

    1 set: $11.60

    2 sets: $22.00

    3 sets: $32.60

    4 sets: $43.00

    5 sets or more: $10.00 each + $5 shipping


Paying by check: Please remember to send the amount due, payable to BARPCV, to: Boston Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, Inc. P.O. Box 391618 Cambridge, MA 02139

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By Anna - Posted on 08 November 2012

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