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Board of Directors


Erica Baker

Erica Baker, Burkina Faso 2006-2009, President
Erica, originally from Michigan, served as a Small Business Development volunteer in Burkina Faso. There she worked with cotton, sesame and subsistence farmers teaching them a range of small business, agriculture and life skills. Before Peace Corps, Erica was working as an advertising executive in LA on fast food client Carl's Jr. After returning from Burkina with her village dog, Cooper, Erica took advantage of her non-competitive eligibility status to snag a seasonal position with the NPS as a Park Ranger for Everglades National Park in Florida. It was there she met the love of her life Frank and followed her heart to Massachusetts. Today she works as a Marketing Communications Specialist for the Massachusetts Port Authority and is attending her second year of graduate school at University of Massachusetts Boston where she is pursuing her MBA.


Shane Renquist

Shane Runquist, Mexico 2008-2010, Vice President & Merchandise Chair

Shane served as a GIS and Knowledge Management Specialist in the Mexican government agency responsible for natural resource management in the states of Querétaro and Puebla. He made process improvements in forestry data management, provided training in GIS and GPS usage, and performed satellite imagery analysis to detect forest loss over time. Prior to his Peace Corps service, Shane worked as an embedded software engineer and manager at Garmin International. Following his service, he accepted a job with the MITRE Corporation which brought him to Boston to work as senior software systems engineer working in the public interest, primarily in mobile software security.



Alicia Charleston

Alicia Charleston, Benin 2008-2010, Treasurer

Alicia served as a Small Enterprise Development Volunteer working with the Artisans Coalition of Natitingou. She took on secondary projects with student groups that worked to educate their peers on relevant health issues like malaria prevention and treatment, hygiene, and sexual health. Upon returning to the states, Alicia obtained her Masters in Public Health from Boston University. She currently works as an epidemiologist at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Alicia joined the board in September 2014.




Board of Directors


Rose Cheyette

Rose Cheyette, Ukraine 2009-2011, Events Chair

Rose served as an Education volunteer, teaching English as a Foreign Language in Konotop, a town in Northern Ukraine. In addition to teaching English, Rose worked on female empowerment projects with girls at her school, worked with children with disabilities at a local NGO, and taught at and directed numerous weekend and summer English language camps, including Survivor Camp in the Carpathian mountains (Don't worry, everyone survived both years). Rose currently works for Samaritans, Inc., as the Coordinator for Community Education and Outreach, traveling around Boston and MetroWest to educate the public on suicide prevention.


Daniel Holman

Daniel Holman, Botswana 2010-2012, Sports Chair

Originally from South Carolina, Daniel served in Botswana as a Nongovernmental Organization (NGO) Capacity Building Volunteer. Based in the second largest city in the country, Daniel worked with a small clinic to improve operations and to provide services to PLWHA. He also worked on projects to provide after school activities to orphans and vulnerable children. After completing service, Daniel received a Master of Public Health from the University of Arizona and currently works for Harbor Heath Services as Manager of Primary Care at Neponset Community Health Center.



Jennifer Leigh

Jennifer Leigh, Haiti 2002-2004, Webmaster

Jennifer served as an agro-forestry volunteer in the southern department of Haiti from 2002-2004. She worked with a local community group to expand their tree nursery and promote reforestation and erosion control projects. She also helped oversee the setup of the second rural computer center in the country. She focused on training local instructors on basic computer skills and software applications, while also providing technical and teaching support. Jennifer currently works at the Harvard Business School as a business and reporting analyst. She is also pursuing a graduate degree in information management systems from the Harvard Extension School. She joined the board in 2015.


Ben Palmer

Ben Palmer, Ecuador 2009-2011, Communications Co-Chair

Benjamin served as a Natural Resources Conservation Volunteer in an indigenous village in Northeast Ecuador where he taught English to 3 local schools and promoted eco-tourism as an alternative income source to subsistence farming. After returning from Ecuador, Benjamin began work in the public sector and currently serves as a Portfolio Management Specialist for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Benjamin joined the board in December 2015.




Eric Roberts

Eric J. Roberts, Paraguay 2005-2008, Fundraising Chair

Eric served as an Agroforestry Extension volunteer in Ka’apukumi-Franco Isla, Paraguay from 2005-2008. While in Paraguay, Eric worked with community members to integrate agroforestry and natural resources management techniques into traditional agriculture plots and with school instructors and national and international non-profit organizations to teach conservation biology. He also co-hosted a weekly radio show called Mba’e La Porte Norte, assisted in the development of an ecotourism project, and drank a lot of tereré with Paraguayans in the cool shade of mango trees. Based in Cambridge, MA since 2012, he is an associate at the Consensus Building Institute where he helps groups of government, business, nonprofit and community representatives to collaborate more effectively while developing solutions to social and environmental policy dilemmas at the local, regional, national, and global scales. Eric joined the BARPCV as the Fundraising Chair in November 2014.


Justin Senter

Justin Senter, Mauritania 2007-2009, Photo Contest Chair

Original from southern California, Justin has been in Boston since returning from Mauritania. He served as an English Education Volunteer teaching grades 6-12 in Tintane, a village in eastern Mauritania. During his service he also started adult education courses with local business people in town and won the 2009 West African Invitational Softball Tournament as a member of the RIM Pirates. Justin currently works as an English teacher at Randolph High School and as an Adjunct Lecturer at Northeastern University.




Elise Simons

Elise Simons, Zambia 2010-2013, Communications Co-Chair

Elise served as an Agriculture and Environment Volunteer in Zambia. She taught agroforestry, organic gardening, conservation farming, and tree planting to farmers in her village in order to promote better health and nutrition as well as environmental sustainability. She also took on secondary projects in appropriate technology innovation training and HIV/AIDS prevention education. Elise extended for a third year as PCVL, leading workshops and providing volunteer support. Upon returning to Boston, Elise started working at the Product Stewardship Institute as a waste management policy and programs associate. She is currently earning her graduate degree in urban and environmental planning from Tufts University.



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