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Thank you for ordering the International Calendar. You will receive a confirmation by email. If you don't receive the confirmation very soon (or are just worried), please email Christine Claypoole,, to make sure this didn't mess up.  Please expect to receive calendars that are ordered today in October.  



If you chose to pay by check:

Please remember to send the amount due, payable to BARPCV, to:
Christine Claypoole
147 Richdale Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02140

DON'T FORGET - send it in right away!


If you chose to pay by credit card:

Click on the PayPal icon and complete your transaction. You will need to enter the amount due on the PayPal page.




(You may get a notice that you are being redirected to a different web site. Do not be alarmed; this is simply taking you to the PayPal site.)

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