Boston Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

Past Community Grant Recipients

When I Grow Up Project: A Higher Education Initiative (Cartagena, Colombia) - An extracurricular course to prepare high school students for the University entrance exams and pay exam fees, with the idea that attending university will help remove students and their families from the cycle of poverty.

¡Adelante!: Youth Empowerment Center for a Marginalized Mexican Community (Aguascalientes, Mexico) - A six week summer program providing at-risk teenagers a safe haven away from influential gang activity and other negative influences, while piquing their interests, goals, and aspirations and using those findings to get students interested in pursuing education, developing skills and making a positive impact in their communities.

Sukuvi: Community Supported Loans for Togolese Students in Need (Togo) - This micro finance project provides community supported, low-interest loans to university bound students in Togo.

Medellin National Science & Technology High School LCD Projector (Philippines) - Purchase of an LCD project to enhance the quality of teachers’ lessons, saving significant amounts of time and energy put into lesson preparation, and greatly increasing classroom learning.

Beyond The Veil: Who Can Know the Other? (Cambridge, MA) - A series of presentations aimed at promoting understanding of Muslim and Middle Eastern cultures.

Parent-Child Literacy Project (Chelsea, MA) - Parent-child educational activities specifically designed to promote literacy among the participants, often recent immigrants.

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