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Belmont World Film Festival, BURNING IN THE SUN, US/Mali

Mar 30 2011 - 7:30pm

In keeping with its focus on the world's many cultures on both an international level and in the local community, Belmont World Film, an international film series at the Studio Cinema in Belmont, is partnering with the Boston Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps. The series is also part of the Francophonie Celebration of New England, a festival that highlights the French speaking world that is sponsored by the French Consulate.
Each of the 7 film events will emphasize countries served by the Peace Corps, as well as French speaking countries and will feature post-film discussions or performances.
The series culminates in a gala evening celebration of Belmont World Film’s 10th anniversary in May. The evening will honor a prominent individual with the first "Citizen of the Year" award, given to someone who has made an important contribution on an international level.

Tickets for individual films are $10. All proceeds from tickets purchased through our website will benefit barpcv and can be picked up at the Studio Cinema before the show. Tickets are also available for purchase at the Studio Cinema box office 30 minutes prior to each event. Purchase advance tickets for this event here.  Purchase ticket for this event.

If you served in Chad, Mali, Argentina, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria or Hungary and would like to join the discussion after the film, and for more information about the Belmont World Film Festival contact: email Doane Perry, or call 617-547-1413.

Listing of recommended nearby restaurants

Public transportation to the theater in Belmont from Harvard Square: Take the #73 bus. The bus stops across from the theater (ask the bus driver to let you know where to get off) and seems to run every five to ten minutes in the early evening.

  • Wednesday, 3/30: BURNING IN THE SUN, US/Mali  

  • Daniel Dembele, a 26-year-old charmer who is equal parts West African and European, was looking to make his mark on the world and decided to return to his homeland in Mali to start a local business building solar panels, the first of its kind in the sun-drenched nation. His goal was to electrify the households located in rural communities, 99% of which live without power. The documentary BURNING IN THE SUN follows him on his journey in growing the budding idea into a viable company and how it affects his first customers in the tiny village of Banko.

All screenings begin at 7:30 PM and feature post-film discussions or entertainment. The series culminates in a celebration in May in which Belmont World Film will bestow its first “Citizen of the World” Awards.

In keeping with Belmont World Film’s focus on world cultures, it is partnering with the Boston Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (BARPCV) in observance of the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps and with the French Consulate as part of the Francophonie Celebration of New England. Film events will highlight French-speaking countries and the countries served by, as well as the core values of, the Peace Corps.

Please check the calendar for these upcoming films:

  • Monday, 4/4: I MISS YOU, Argentina 
  • Monday, 4/11: KAWASAKI’S ROSE, Czech Republic (New England premiere) 
  • Monday, 4/25: THE WORLD IS BIG & SALVATION LURKS AROUND THE CORNER, Bulgaria/Germany/Slovenia/Hungary (New England premiere)

For more information about the Belmont World Film Festival contact: email Doane Perry, or call 617-547-1413

Or contact Belmont Belmont World Film at 617-484-3980 or



Listing of Belmont World Film recommended restaurants:

*Please let the restaurant know that you came as a result of a Belmont World Film recommendation.
BELMONT CENTER: all under 1.5 miles, 4 to 5 minutes from the theater, which is at 376 Trapelo Rd. I believe these all have liquor licenses as well, but that is something you would have to check.
1.  Patou (Thai) is an all-time favorite.  Food is fresh and well prepared and owner, Dan Tanabat, is a very lovely person and a friend of BWF.  The restaurant is fairly large with a backroom that is good for a large group.  It is in Belmont center about a mile from the theater.
2.  Kashish (Indian) is another popular restaurant, two doors down from Patou, that is very good. It is a cozy, so you may want to make reservations. The food is wonderful. Again the manager, Sandeep is very nice.
3.  Il Casale is a very good upscale Italian restaurant owned by chef Dante De Magistiris, who is also quite a nice guy.  It is sometimes seen as a special occasion place.  The bolognese sauce and taste dishes are great.  The atmosphere is good and there is a bar.
4.  Asai (Japanese).  Reasonably priced, good Asian restaurant with large windows and pleasant atmosphere. I've had bento boxes at lunch, which are good, but don't know if they are on the dinner menu.
5.  Stone Hearth Pizza: Informal with nice decor.  Don't know about alcohol license.
6.  Rancatore's ice cream: Joe Rancatore's brother owns or owned Toscanini in Central Sq., Cambridge.   Very small place but great ice cream for possible dessert.

CUSHING SQUARE: These restaurants are about .75 of a mile from the theater, off Trapelo Rd.  (going away from 128 and toward Cambridge), 2-3 minutes from the Studio Cinema, (going back up the Trapelo Road toward 128).
1.  Kitchen on Common (American food): This is a small restaurant on Common Street with an emphasis on fresh, seasonal/locally grown food. If you are dining on the early side, you might have enough people to fill the restaurant. The Chef/owner, Joh Kokubo, is another lovely person.  His mother helps out waitressing and the atmosphere is sort of a family style place. I think this is a BYOB place.
2.   Vickie Lee's is more of a catering place and a great place for lunch. No alcohol.  Again, nice owner/chef.  Great pastry!
3.  Brother's Pizza  Owner, Nick Markantonis, has expanded and added a bit of a restaurant menu to his pizza parlor.  I think they were trying for a liquor license, but don't know if they got it.
4.  Savino's Bar & Grille on Common Street.  An "elegant" restaurant with great food - a good special occasion place. Great atmosphere. This restaurant tends to be quieter for conversation, has an open kitchen, and a good bar.

Abutting the theater in Waverly Square:
There are a number of smaller fast food Italian, Chinese, pizza, sandwiches and ice cream places on both sides of the street around the theater.
A little further in Coolidge Sq., Watertown: three favorites about 2 miles, 5-10 minutes from the theater, on Mount Auburn Street, which is parallel to Trapelo Rd., (easiest cross over streets are School or Arlington)
1.  Red Lentil - this is a new favorite.  It is vegan but fresh, inventive, delicious food (love the Mexican Pizza, which is not really like a pizza at all). They even have good desserts (flourless chocolate cake).  Small, crowded- definitely call ahead for a reservation (good only for smaller large groups).
2.  Town Diner well-known and popular place.  Can have big lines.  They serve great sweet potato fries, kolbe beef burgers, and a breakfast menu all day.  If they take reservations that is a good idea.
3.  Jasmine: Iranian/Persian food. I love the dishes with mulberries or cherries.  Very small restaurant.  Reservations are a must if you have a group.  I don't know about alcohol license here (They may serve wine). In between Red Lentil and Jasmine is Fastachi, which is this wonderful nut and dried fruit store, if it is open when you come.


Studio Cinema
376 Trapelo Road
Belmont, MA
United States

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