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We are very happy to share that the Peace Corps Voices website is now live:  The leaders of the website are pleased that it is up and available and ready for your participation. The radio documentary is on track to air at the end of August and into September.
From the home page, you can click on "Share" to tell a story about your connections with the Peace Corps (not just for volunteers!) or select videos from the Share menu to visit the YouTube channel. There will soon be an option to upload your own photos to a Peace Corps Voices Flickr stream. But if you'd like to have a gallery on the Photos page, let Amy know by contacting her. Amy is happy to add more countries, but those galleries will be curated (Flickr stream will be for any and all).  
You can follow Amy and the initiative on Twitter @pcvoices, like the Facebook page "Peace Corps Voices" or just check back on the News page of the website to keep up with what's happening.


Any YouTube pros out there who would be willing to help Amy with the channel? She looking for tips on making it easy for others to add videos/links to the channel, comment on them, etc. 

By Anna - Posted on 15 May 2011

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