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NPCA Video Contest Winners:

First Place: My Piece of the Peace Corps by Doug



Second Place:

A Peace Corps Song by John Garvey





Video submitted to the NPCA video contest from Moldova | The Peace Corps Effect:


The video titled “The Peace Corps Effect” was created by a teenage girl in Moldova talking about the impact that Peace Corps Volunteer Matt Rasmussen had on her life.  Current Volunteers Marlene Nancy Lopez and Matt Jones produced the film.  







Other videos produced by RPCVs


Cafe Kuma by Ed Perry


Story of a coffee farm in the mountains of Togo that, with the help of Peace Corps volunteers, became Cafe Kuma. 


In the mountains of Togo there are no big corporations, hardly any access to electricity or running water. But tucked away in a mountain village are farmers who use agroforestry techniques to produce quality coffee. This is a promotional video to showcase the one of a kind work done by the farmers of Kuma-Dunyo, Togo.






By Ed Perry


200 Km AIDS Ride through the north of Togo. To deliver AIDS/HIV education to far far off villages. 



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