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Welcome to the Film and Video program of the Boston Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps.
The Peace Corps Film and Video Program will encourage established and emerging film makers and videographers and will screen and present films and video about the Peace Corps experience and ideals.
The Program will invite film makers and videographers to submit their work to a contest and will award cash prizes to the best work.
The Program will present films and videos on the website of the Boston Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.
The Program will present screenings and discussions of films in Boston area theaters, festivals and cable TV systems.


Winners of the NPCA video contest | The Peace Corps Effect  |  


Movie Recommendations- Returned Volunteer Movie Recommendations


Video Library- Browse the You Tube library of videos produced by volunteers


BAPRCV Video Contest- Submit your videos now for the BARPCV video contest.  Deadline: Dec. 15, 2010.


Boston Film Series - BARPCV is hosting movie nights and panel discussions 

          November 18: screening for Once in Afghanistan, panel discussion to follow movie


Boston Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Peace Corps 50th Anniversary Film and Video Program Organizers include Doane Perry, Anna Omura and Lauren Slotkoff.



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