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Career Services

BARPCV Career Networking Support

The BARPCV Careers Committee leverages the greater Boston RPCV community to support former and current volunteers seeking resources and events that promote career counseling, networking, and informational interview opportunities for personal growth and fulfilling employment.


Join the BARPCV professional networking community on LinkedIn.


Local Job Opportunities

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Career/Employment Counseling and Workshops

The Boston New England Regional Recruiting Office 

Features an RPCV Desk with job listings, resource books, newsletters, etc. 

Tip O'Neil Building 10 Causeway Street

Boston, MA 

(617) 565-5555


The Washington, DC Office of Returned Volunteer Services (RVS) 

Provides career, educational and re-entry-related assistance and information to more than 3,500 Peace Corps Volunteers returning to the U.S. each year. RVS strongly encourages a self-directed job search approach by providing numerous materials, nationwide services and programs, and carefully-planned workshops. RVS focuses on educating RPCVs on how to manage career and life transitions.

For more information, Click here.

Career Guidance

To discuss career topics and get career guidance, Contact Careers.